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Sajek Valley

"Sajek Valley" is a popular tourist destination that is located in the Chittagong's "Hill Tracts" of Bangladesh where it is situated in the Rangamati District near the border with India.

The valley is particularly known and famous for its several breathtaking natural beauties such as lush green hills, serene landscapes, and indigenous communities.

Visitors to Sajek Valley can enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding hills very simply through exploring the indigenous villages and experiencing the unique culture of the local tribes.

The valley is basically situated at an elevation that provides a cool and refreshing climate where it makes a refreshing and peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Sajek Valley is becoming increasingly the most popular and favorite destination among both local and foreign tourists, especially for new couples who are hoping for a peaceful and relaxing retreat.

Travelers can engage themselves in various entertaining activities such as trekking, hiking and exploring the indigenous culture where the total area is also known for its diverse flora and fauna that makes the minds of travelers too much surprised among the charm of an unseen and interesting destination.

Directions To Get Reached

To reach "Sajek Valley" one typically needs to travel to the city of "Baghaichari" which serves basically as the gateway to Sajek.

A few of the general and useful steps to reach "Sajek Valley" easily are mentioned below in short.

Dhaka To Rangamati:

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh from where you can travel directly to Rangamati very securely by buses, by "Uber Taxis" or through renting a private car where visitors should note only the variances of journey costs according to the classes of transports.

Rangamati To Baghaichari:

Once you reach Rangamati you'll need to make your way to Baghaichari from where you can hire a local transport such as a jeep, Chander Gari (a type of local vehicle) or a boat that is actually depending on your budgets and mental choices.

Baghaichari To Sajek Valley:

From this station you need to arrange another transportation to take you up the hilly terrain to the main peak of Sajek Valley that makes the journey involve a scenic drive through the hills where you can hire a local vehicle individually or join in a sharing tour.


If you plan to visit "Sajek Valley" it's a good idea for you to check the latest traveling information as conditions and accessibilities are generally changeable because of being a border point.

Keep in mind that, since "Sajek Valley" is obviously close to the border with India where there might be any military checkpoints, you should make sure you have any necessary permits and be prepared to show your own identification whenever required.

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