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Learn How To Cook Creamy Egg Pudding In The Oven Temperature

Pudding is a delicious dish, not only that, but all the foods made with milk & egg mixtures are generally being very nutritious.

Pudding is also one of the above mentioned meals and the method  or rule for making it is also very simple where you also can  make  with a little effort a delicious pudding just setting at home.

Here is the most easiest method of preparing an enjoyable creamy egg pudding dish is being described completely that we will be able to  serve individually at home among our family members or officially with our colleagues and cooperators.

Ingredients That Are Needed To Make Half A Kg Of Creamy Egg Pudding:

1. Milk: 1.5L.

2. Eggs: 6pcs.

3. Sugar: 5/7 tea spoon (if you like extra sugar you can add more).

4. Vanilla essence (if any).

5. Tiffin box or pudding bowl with lid.

Milk Preparation For Perfect Egg Pudding Recipe:

To make pudding, take 500L of pure milk and boil it to reduce into 300 milliliters or half of the actual - (500L) - amount, then take it down and cool it as well until it's temperature is being reached at the normal rank.

keep stirring the milk while it's being cooled so that it does not accumulate and waste milk by curdling.

Raw cow's milk is better, and if you can't manage it, you can make the pudding with pasteurized liquid milk also.

Preparing Eggs For Creamy Egg Pudding:

5/6 eggs are required to make half a liter of milk pudding.

Take the eggs in a bowl and beat them well.

Add sugar to it and keep beating for a while.

Mix very well so that egg white and yolk do not show separated.

Milk & Egg Mixture Preparation For Egg Pudding Recipe:

Pour the boiled milk in the egg-sugar mixture and mix well.

Remember if the milk is slightly warm it will coagulate the eggs,

So milk should be mixed very cold.

If you want to add vanilla essence, you can add a few drops, it's not necessary to use it.

Rather if you want to eat chemical free, it's better avoiding to use it,

although it's better if you can keep this mixture for the next step of making the pudding.

Making Caramel In Tiffin Bowl For Creamy Egg Pudding:

The bowl in which you want to make the pudding should be caramelized and a steel tiffin bowl is best for making pudding.

Spread some sugar on the bottom of the tiffin bowl where you'll spread about 1 teaspoon of sugar in the bowl with two spoons of water and put it on the stove until the sugar will melt and the veins will become red then spread all over the bowl.

Now remove the bowl from the oven and wait to cool it properly until you will see that the melted sugar is red and mixed on the bottom surface of the bowl as well.

Are you still unable to realize how to cook creamy egg pudding recipe in the oven temperature?

Today no more worries for you, just be relaxed and attempt to type the related keyword "Pudding" in Google search bar to read more on the same topic.

Placing The Milk-Egg Mixture In Oven Temperature:

This step of making pudding is a bit complicated, but it is very easy too to understand.

Basically the milk-egg mixture should be boiled in hot water where you need to take a small pot or a saucepan then place a bottle stand right in the middle of the pot and fill the container 1/4th of the way with water then pour the milk-egg mixture into the cooled caramelized bowl and cover it with a gentle lid.

Be clear about one thing that, the milk-egg mixture thickens to form the pudding that should be stored in summer, so heat should be provided by placing it in hot water.

First of all place the tiffin bowl filled with the mixture on a stand and add water in it such a way that it gets hot but water doesn't enter the tiffin bowl then press down the tiffin bowl with something heavy if necessary.

Now put the pot or saucepan you are using on the stove and cover it with a suitable lid then light the fire and press down on the lid of the pot properly with something heavy so that the steam cannot escape.

After 35-45 minutes your pudding will be done and be ready normally to be served.

You Are Suggested To Watch The Tutorial Below To Clarify All Your Confusions

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