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The Great Pyramid of Giza - The Biggest & Oldest Pyramid In The World

The Great Pyramid of Giza is located on the "Giza Plateau" near the capital of Egypt "Cairo" that is not only the oldest but also the largest pyramid in the world.

It was built during the "Fourth Dynasty" of the "Old Kingdom of Egypt" in around 2580–2560 BCE for the "Pharaoh Khufu" who is also known as "Cheops"

The Great Pyramid of Giza originally stood at 146.6 meters (481 feet), although the erosion and the loss of its outer casing stones have reduced but its height is to 138.8 meters (455 feet) till now.

Despite its age, this Great Pyramid remains one of the most awe-inspiring and iconic monuments in human history where its unseen mysteries are still out of today's science's scope and perimeter to be explored fully.

This pyramid is not only the oldest among the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World" but it is the only wonder that has remained largely intact.

It is the most famous monument of the Giza pyramid complex which is the part of the "UNESCO World Heritage Site" ( Memphis and its Necropolis ) that is situated at the northeastern end of the line of the three main pyramids at Giza.


Reaching the Great Pyramid of Giza is relatively straightforward due to its prominent location near the city of Cairo, Egypt.

Here are a few common ways to reach the site has been mentioned in short for you easiness:

By Air:

If you are reaching from abroad or from another city within Egypt, the Cairo International Airport is the primary entrance for you from where you can take a taxi or can arrange any other transportation direct for Giza.

Taxi or Ride-sharing:

Taxis and ride-sharing services are also available throughout Cairo that are able to take you directly to the Giza Plateau where the pyramids are located, but it's better to make sure to negotiate the fare beforehand or use a reputable ride-sharing app.

Public Transportation:

Cairo has an extensive public transportation system that includes buses and metro lines while the metro doesn't extend to Giza, you can take a bus or a combination of metro and bus to get as close as possible, then you should take a taxi to meet your final destination.

Self Driving:

You can drive a car yourself to the Giza Plateau if you are the owner of a private car, but be prepared for usual busy traffic and driving conditions and ensure that you have a good map or GPS navigation.

Guided Tours:

Many tour companies are available in Cairo to offer guided tours to the pyramids that often include transportation directly from your accommodation where it can be an excellent convenient option for you to discover the whole area as well if you prefer a guided experience with a knowledgeable local guide.


Once you've reached the Giza Plateau, you should purchase tickets to enter the site and explore the "Great Pyramid" and other nearby pyramids or other ancient structures and monuments inside the area or surrounding it.

Best Fares To Reach To The Great Pyramid Of Giza:

Basic entrance fees for the Great Pyramid of Giza perhaps around 200 Egyptian pounds that values on average for about $12 USD specially for foreign visitors where these prices may have changed according to various circumstances.

It's a good idea to check current prices and plan your budget accordingly.

Keep in mind that a few extra costs should also be factored into your budget when you wish to plan for hiring a tour guide or participate in any special activities.

About Bus Tickets - Air Tickets Or Any Public & Private Transportations:

The exact cost of reaching the Great Pyramid of Giza by above methods would depend on a variety of factors including your starting point, the type of transportations you're choosing and any additional expenses such as tolls or parking fees.

That's why Discovery didn't mention any decided fares to keep a chance for you to make your tour plan more smoothly before starting by making an actual tour budget through collecting the latest fares by yourself.

Therefore, some important key features and attractions of Langkawi tourist places are listed below for you.


"BCE" generally stands for "Before Common Era" that is considered as a secular designation and is used in place of "BC" (Before Christ) to denote years before the traditionally reckoned year of the birth of Jesus Christ.

This term is often used in academic and historical contexts as a way to provide a neutral, non-religious alternative to "BC"

At other hand, similarly "CE" stands for "Common Era" to replace "AD"

"AD" means - Anno Domini, Latin for "In the year of our Lord" - for years after the traditionally reckoned year of the birth of Jesus Christ.

"Have Your Journey To The Great Pyramid of Giza Nice, Hopeful, Enjoyable & Memorable Forever"

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