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This site is basically introducing all famous, favorite and popular tourist places worldwide where readers will be able to collect a primary and basic knowledge about various locations before visiting them that are really helpful for a traveler to reach an unseen place. On the other hand, readers are being suggested to explore many national dishes, favorite foods and famous meals or recipes worldwide to simplify their traveling, particularly all occasional foods and meals that are really tasteful to everyone.

It is very hopeful that visitors and readers will be satisfied with all contents where they really will be able to use all information copping and pasting them into their desired platforms.


Today we’re living in the two thousandth century in a technology based era, where we’re attempting to practice the highest technical methods in every step for the purpose of development of our daily lives in the highest happiness and easiest platform among all of the human civilizations from the beginning of this beautiful earth.

We’ve achieved a large change in our lifestyles because of this modern era of technology, where we’ve combined the thoughts and mentalities of people, residences, societies, villages and countries all together into the same platform.

Today we complete most of our daily necessities and purchases through the online based platforms specially because of the availability of large and unlimited internet facilities we’re already habituated to gather huge pre information before experiencing in a new location.

Team of “Discovery” is working hard to present all of the above mentioned concepts more easily so that people will be able to make their traveling tours more hopefully around the world.

Therefore Discovery is very hopeful that all the readers of this platform will enjoy every information and service with a heart pleasurable way.

Ayub Ajgori


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