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Jamuna Future Park - The Biggest Shopping Mall In South Asia

Jamuna Future Park is the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh that is located at Kuril in the northern part of Dhaka.

The construction of Jamuna Future Park was begun in 2002 by "Jamuna Builders Ltd" that is a subsidiary of the Jamuna Group where the exterior was completed in 2008.

Jamuna Future Park covers a total floor area of 4,100,000 square feet (380,000 m2) where it is considered as the biggest shopping mall in South Asia and the 24th biggest mall in the world.

This mall is not just a simple mall but is also known as a mixed-use shopping complex featuring shopping spaces in a mega variety along with entertainment, dining, and recreational facilities that was inaugurated officially and opened for the public on 6 September 2013.

Jamuna Future Park covers a vast area which includes numerous international and local brands with various attractions such as amusement park, large cinema hall, food court and water park.

It's a popular destination for both locals and foreign tourists offering a wide range of shopping and entertainment options under the same roof.


Reach in Jamuna Future Park by Private Vehicle:

By driving a private car or taking a hired taxi you can visit Jamuna Future Park smoothly in an enjoyable shorter journey.

By Ride-Sharing Services:

There are several services that are basically available with a larger popularity in Dhaka like “Uber and Pathao” that are fully able to provide a convenient transportation to Jamuna Future Park.

By Public Transports:

Buses or CNG (compressed natural gas) and auto-rickshaws are particularly known as public transportations to reach the mall at little and healthy cost.

By Metro Rail:

Dhaka's Mass Rapid Transit System is known as the metro rail that might also be an option depending on your location and the current status of the metro rail lines.

By Walking:

If you're staying nearby the mall, you might be able to walk to the mall that normally depends on the distance and local infrastructure.

Fares To Visit Jamuna Future Park By Uber & Pathao Apps:

Particularly the fare estimate is based on several factors according to the country's various circumstances such as distance, time or moment and value of period.

The most important point is that the displayed fare in Uber app is just an approximate estimate where the actual fare may vary due to a few factors like traffic conditions and route deviations.

Always should try to check the estimated fare within the app for the most accurate information before confirming an Uber ride.


However, keep in mind that Dhaka's roads can be busy and pedestrian facilities may vary.

Of course it's a good and clever idea to check the current traffic conditions and any transportation updates before heading out to plan your journey more effectively.

"Have Your Journey To Jamuna Future Park Nice, Hopeful, Enjoyable & Memorable Forever"

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