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National Dish Bangladesh

Panta Ilish
"Hilsa or ilish" curry is the national dish of Bangladesh.

According to the current availability this time although "Hilsha or Ilish/Elish" fish is the most expensive one in the marketplaces but once upon a time this Hilsa fish was an abundantly available and cheapest fish to every citizen of all ground's and occupation's resident all over the country that is normally being marinated in a mixture of turmeric and chili paste then fried smoothly before being added into a mustard gravy.

Bhapa Ilish
Sometimes “Hilsa Fish” is being cooked as “Bhapa Ilish” where it’s being marinated with mustard paste and spices then wrapped in banana leaves before being steamed.

Actually whatever dishes are being featured with Hilsa fish is generally cherished in Bangladesh very highly and holds a great cultural significance particularly during celebrations or festivals.

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